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Take Your Business Mobile While Keeping Your Data Secure

Your business isn’t tied down to a desk. Mobile technology lets you bring your work with you wherever you go, whether you’re meeting with clients outside the office, visiting a project site, or just working from home or from the local coffee shop. But how do you stay safe when you never know who is lurking on those wireless networks all around you?

Put your trust in Tenfeet to make mobility safer and easier than ever before:

  • Device Protection: Secure your mobile network with multiple layers of protection, including enforced encryption, secure passcodes, device auto-lock, number of allowed failed passcodes, and per-user authorization.
  • Device Tracking: Leverage the ability to remotely find, lock, or even wipe a mobile device that’s missing or stolen.
  • Policy Creation: Creating company policies for both corporate devices and personal devices accessing data, so you have clear and easy-to-maintain rules about who can do what on your mobile network.
  • Device Configuration: Configure your devices to properly work with your important applications and settings like your email, without breaching your security.
  • Device Management: Incorporate any number and type of mobile devices with the rest of your technology in a single, easy-to-use network. Move data from an office computer to a tablet or smartphone, and safely access important applications and files on the go.

Your business is never more than 1 click away from disaster.

Don’t take your security for granted – be prepared for anything the future holds with a comprehensive security solution from Tenfeet. Contact us today at (704) 206-8920 or to find the right security for YOUR needs.

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