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Are you worried your Cyber Security isn't secure?

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We understand. Most companies we have found are confused about IT Security and believe that their IT Support company is providing real IT Security for their business. Most of the time we have found this is not the case. IT Security specialists are in huge demand and most generalist IT companies cannot afford IT Security Specialists.

Regardless of the size of your business, everyone is a target.

Cyber Security doesn’t need to be scary or expensive. Contact us today for a risk-free consultation with Tenfeet now. . Call (704) 206-8920.

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Our team is trained and every audit uses (SCAPVP) Security Content Automation Protocol Validation Program in our testing methodology. This ensures that your assessment reporting is validated by NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Most IT companies that don’t focus on IT Security, use cheap, off the shelf software that requires no experience to run.  The software is created to scare business managers into decisions that more often align with the service provider than actually securing the business.

Do you know 100% that your business critical systems and information is backed up to the level you need? In the case of a complete loss can your business be recreated in hours not months? I am surprised how many businesses assume that their IT is doing this and find out in an emergency they don’t have a data backup plan…that is tested regularly.

This is the one of the most important Businesses critical systems.  Employees delete or over write files daily, or delete them maliciously or they are hit by disasters that knock out their technology.  Often businesses never fully bounce back, losing so much time and money while trying to recover that many business owners just end up closing their doors.

Data backup doesn’t have to be complex, unorganized or expensive.  This should just work.  Any you should get the reports that verify your business is protected.

Our Flat-fee IT Security Services are designed to setup your systems to align with NIST Cybersecurity standard framework.

The NIST Framework Core; Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover

We will identify the business needs in terms of risk, enabling businesses to enable risk management decisions, address threats by implementing controls, detect and respond to threats constantly improving from previous activities.  The function also aligns with incident management methodologies and shows the impact of investments in Cybersecurity.

Keeping your business safe from harm means using the right security products for your needs. Not all security solutions are equal, and what may work for your neighbor may not be enough to keep YOU safe.

We believe in using the correct systems for the job based on the company needs aligned towards business goals, budgets and outcomes.

Mobile technology lets you bring your work with you wherever you go, whether you’re meeting with clients outside the office, visiting a project site, or just working from home or from the local coffee shop.

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It’s easy to think that your security is good enough, but you’ll be in for a nasty surprise the first time a hacker takes even a glance at your system.