Employee Awareness Is Your Best Security

Employee Awareness

For business communication security, employee awareness is your first line of defense. The more your staff know about the risks, the better prepared they are to deal with potential attacks and the safer your business will be. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that more than half of employees today lack training in online security. For […]

Why businesses need a data storage policy

Creating a data storage policy (DSP) is an important step for any business, big or small. By clearly defining how data should be handled, businesses can avoid many potential problems down the road. Here are four reasons why your business needs a data storage policy: 1. To ensure data security 2. To meet compliance requirements […]

What is Managed IT Support Services?

Managed IT support services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and managing a company’s IT infrastructure to a third-party provider. Managed IT services can include all aspects of an organization’s IT operations, including but not limited to: – Desktop and server support – Network design, implementation and management – Security – Disaster […]