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Be sure that your business is protected from any disaster

You never know what kind of disaster the future might hold. Weather issues, disgruntled employees, accidental deletion of files, systems crashing, businesses are constantly in need of being able to restore data and systems. Businesses that are hit by disasters that knock out their technology often never fully bounce back, losing so much time and money while trying to recover that many business owners just end up closing their doors. All it takes to stay safe is planning ahead, having a plan that is implemented, tested and verified daily. It also doesn’t have to be expensive!

Prepare for any disaster the future might hold with a business continuity plan from Tenfeet:

  • Business Impact Analysis: We find out exactly how your business will suffer after a disaster, and plan to mitigate the worst affects and quickly restore vital operations.
  • Full Data Backup: Backup all your data, including applications and user settings, so you never lose access to the important I.T. you use to complete operations every day.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage: Keep your backups both in your office and in the cloud to stay safe from disasters that could destroy onsite equipment.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Make a plan so everyone in your business knows how to use your IT to keep working even if you can’t get into the office.
  • Business Continuity Testing: Test all backups as they’re created to ensure they work. Run a “fire drill” mock recovery at least once a year using your business continuity plan to ensure everyone on your staff knows how to handle a disaster situation.

Don’t take your security for granted – be prepared for anything the future holds with a comprehensive security solution from Tenfeet. Contact us today at (704) 206-8920 or to find the right security for YOUR needs.

We never know what is going to happen next. Partnering with Tenfeet will make you Proactive, Secure, Compliant (TM).

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